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East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan

East Bergholt Neighbourhood Development Plan

A massive 96% of voters approved Version 1.1 of the Plan at the referendum which had a 51% turnout. One of the largest turnouts for a single Neighbourhood Plan referendum. This version of the Plan was made by Babergh District Council on 10 September 2016 and now becomes part of the planning process for East Bergholt.

What is the Plan for?

The Plan has been produced by members of our community over the past three years who have volunteered their time in response to the Government’s localism bill to enable us to shape East Bergholt’s future. This page gives access to the Plan, Statutory documents, Healthcheck and Examination reports and supporting evidence that has been submitted to Babergh District Council.


Save for the permitted non-exclusive use of the contents hereof by Babergh District Council for planning purposes only, the reproduction or transmission of all or part of any of the documents accessible from this page (i.e. the Plan or any supporting documents or appendices that form this Neighbourhood Development Plan) by any third party, whether by photocopying or storing in any medium by electronic means or otherwise, without the written permission of the Clerk to East Bergholt Parish Council (, is strictly prohibited.

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Statutory Documents

The East Bergholt Neighbourhood Development Plan incorporating the Examiner's comments
Errata 16 October 2016
Basic Conditions Statement
Consultation Statement
SEA Statement
Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA)

Healthcheck and Examination Reports

Healthcheck report (Clare Wright) on Draft 5.2
Final Examiner's report (Rosemary Kidd) on Draft 6.2

Other Documents

Paper submitted to Babergh Strategy Committee recommending acceptance
Updated Suffolk Guidance for Parking


The evidence supporting the Neighbourhood Plan is contained in the following appendices:

A.1 East Bergholt Baseline Data
A.2 Agricultural Land Classification
A.3 Dodnash Priory (site of)
A.4 Village Heart
A.5 Pictures of Congestion Around the Village
A.6 East Bergholt Village Heart Parking Survey
B.1 Neighbourhood Committee Terms of reference
B.2 Involving community
B.3 Working Group Protocol
B.4 Project Plan
B.5 Map of the Parish of East Bergholt
B.6 East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation Notice
C.1 Information Packs
C.2 Neighbourhood Plan Initial Input
C.3 Visits to Schools and Societies
C.4 East Bergholt on Show
C.5 Sample Output from Views Analyser
C.6 Household Questionnaire
C.7 Household Questionnaire Results
C.8 Analysis of Free Text Responses
C.9 Logic Analysis
C.10 Business Questionnaire
C.11 Sample Letter Sent to Businesses
C.12 Business Questionnaire Results
D.1 East Bergholt Character Assessment
D.2 Design Guideline Work Stream and Process
D.3 Rural Place Profile for East Bergholt
D.4 Housing Need Survey Executive Summary
D.5 Housing Need Options
D.6 Estate Agent Survey
D.7 Suffolk County Council School Capacity Assessment
D.8 Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Assessment
D.9 Area covered 800m from Village Focal Points
D.10 East Bergholt Views Assessment
D.11 East Bergholt Open Spaces Assessment
D.12 Map of Main Routes Used by Farm Vehicles
D.13 Map of Red Lion Car Park
D.14 Economic Benefits of Tourism in East Bergholt
D.15 Tourism South East - Heart of Suffolk
D.16 Pictures of Large Farm Machinery on the Road
D.17 SLHAA Sites and Availability
D.18 Letters of intent from Land Owners
D.19 Open Areas Assessment score sheet
D.20 Views Assessment Score Sheet
D.21 Open Areas and Views Assessment Score Summary
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